The History of The Blue Elephant Project

The founder of The Blue Elephant Project, Shenae M. Christian, was a teen mom who contributes her success to the support of her family.  Her family provided her with a strong and consistent support system, and she believes everyone should have the same despite their circumstances in life. Working in Philadelphia, she would often see other young mothers struggling out in the cold or on the bus with their children. She was always thankful that her children did not have to be out in the cold because her mother stayed home to care for them.

Presently, she is committed to ensuring that every person has a strong support system like the one she was blessed to have.  She is a strong believer, that everyone deserves shelter, food, clothing, and resources to help in times of need.

Initially, she planned to name her nonprofit  “I am Her”, because her mother taught her and her siblings, “there but for the grace of God go I” meaning they were no better than anyone else. However,  she changed the name to The Blue Elephant Project to honor her mother following her untimely passing. The Blue Elephant is in memory of her mother’s love of the color blue and elephants.

The Blue Elephant Project is committed to collaborated with other community organizations to bring to life service projects for those that are less fortunate and in need of a helping hand in various ways.

My mother taught us, “there but for the grace of God go I”.

Founder, Shenae M. Christian

What We Do

  • Educational workshops – Assisting community members with skills, such as resume writing, interviewing, financial literacy, health wellness, etc.
  • Leona’s Closet  – Free Clothing for the Community Events
  • I am Her – Mentor Partnership with a Philadelphia Teen girls Shelter
  • Collaborations with other Community Organizations

The Blue Elephant Project is also looking to offer affordable transitional housing for young women ages 18-26 in the near future.